The Other Side of 55

Mount EverestIn mid-May, a 33-year-old Canadian woman – Shriya Shah-Klorfine – died on the side of Mount Everest.  She had reached the summit two days earlier, but succumbed – along with three other climbers – to ‘exhaustion and altitude sickness’ during the descent.  Since the first expedition up Everest in 1922, a total of 210 people have died there.  I am sure people have perished in attempts to climb other mountains as well, but thousands more reach their snowy peaks and live to tell the tale (and/or go on to scale others).  So – why do they do it? Apparently Shriya Shah-Klorfine had flown over Mount Everest in a helicopter when she was nine years old, and had dreamed of climbing it ever since.   It’s certainly not something I’d ever consider doing, but to each his (or her) own, I suppose.

The Incredible Hulk Roller CoasterPeople undertake activities like climbing mountains, jumping out of…

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