Toward Beginner's Mind

This is late summer. The squash plants are still blooming but they are also bearing fruit. Their huge leaves conceal sunshine colored flowers beneath their shade and soft ripening bodies of edible delight. The choke cherry tree on the west edge of my property is weighted down with dark red berries. In the early morning, I try to get there before the birds. But the truth is that after spending hours reaching up for them, I can easily justify leaving their mouths with a feast. After all, my brain echoes, there is a drought.

And then another mantra begins: the weather is changing. The weather is changing. The weather is always changing right? I mean, that’s why they say what they say about the weather. It changes, right. But now the changes are beyond the swing and sway of the seasons. In last month’s National Geographic another article about…

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By alco67

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