First Blog..

Welcome to on…as a visual communicator and my adoration of the printed word…I hope to “blog” my way into cyberspace with a unique perspective on the
things that fascinate and peak my curiosity in general. Whether it be in the arts, science,
moral dilemmas, politics, religion, the sacred to the profane…I have found facebook to
behave a lot like a “T”-shirt or old bumper sticker..many read, but do not interact…wordpress
blogging provides a greater opportunity to socially connect with those who share similar and
dissimilar points of view that stimulate great thinking, constructive discussions on an
array of topics ….I’m a “noob” for now, but this will quickly pass I hope…I’d like to
thank all of you ahead of time for your responses, as I look forward to connecting with
fellow online blogsters!

By alco67

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